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OKR software demo

Welcome to Zintly, we build OKR software for small and medium businesses that are looking to survive and thrive through the globally challenging years ahead. Before we get into the OKR software demo, let’s check whether your business is the right fit.

Are you looking to: hunker down, conserve cash and live to fight another year; or, invest in growth and capture market share while others are distracted by the global outlook?

Whichever best describes you, the reality is that you’re going to need to extract maximum effort from your team while making sure they’re directing that effort at the right things – the activities that contribute to your business’ broader objectives.

Zintly started out as an internal tool to overcome the limitations of other OKR software and truly drive our business forward. We quickly realised that the tool was providing an outsized impact on the overall business and decided to make it available for other businesses to use.

This is not about goal-setting for goal-setting’s sake. Your employees won’t groan at having to contribute to this.

We’re about creating a mindset shift: When undertaking any business activity at all, your employees will begin to ask themselves whether that activity contributes to the stated objectives of their division and ultimately the company. If the answer is “it doesn’t” then they’ll move onto something that does.

Here’s a brief screen-share of our software in action: