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What are OKRs?

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In short… OKRs are a goal-setting framework for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

OKRs are defined are quantifiable Objectives and Key Results that align to your company’s overall vision and strategy, and that cascade down through the company’s hierarchy to provide direction and motivation to every employee from senior management to front line workers.

Some of the world’s most successful organisations attribute their success to OKRs, including: Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Atlassian, LinkedIn, Netflix, Intel and Asana.

It’s not just big business that use them. Every day, small businesses everywhere are driving exceptional growth through the implementation of OKRs. 

4 Reasons to set OKRs

It doesn't matter how large your business is or how fast it's growing... A well-defined approach to goal-setting and employee alignment will enhance your business.

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Fix Corporate Culture

Instilling company values and beliefs in new hires gets hard as you scale. OKRs guide staff on how they should behave based on the objectives of the business.

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End Groundhog Day

We've all experienced weekly meetings that feel like the same things are discussed, the same promises are made, and no one has actually done anything since the last meeting.

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Maximise Output

We're all guilty of prioritising the easy tasks every now and then, but there comes a time when you need everyone to focus on the tasks that are actually going to drive success in the business.

create clarity

Train staff to ask themselves and others "how does this project/activity move us closer to achieving the company's annual objectives?" - Often the answer is "it doesn't" and they quickly course-correct.

Setting OKRs: A quick example

Start with your overall company objectives for the next 12 months.
Perhaps one Objective (O) is to ‘Double revenue’ as measured by the following Key Results:

1. Achieve Net Revenue Retention Rate above 100% (KR1)
2. Increase enterprise client count by 40% (KR2)
3. Create and grow a new product line to 20% of total revenue (KR3)

Departments then create their own OKRs to achieve the stated company OKRs – For example, in response to (KR1) above:

Customer Success

Reduce annual churn to 10% (O) by increasing customer interactions to an average of 5 per year (KR1) and reducing ave. support ticket resolution time to 4 hours (KR2)


Achieve average existing customer revenue growth of 10% (O) through the identification of upsell and organic growth opportunities by contacting at least 25 existing customers per week (KR1).


Reduce churn and increase existing customer product awareness (O) as measured by conducting 20 NPS surveys (KR1) and publishing 12 monthly newsletters featuring new product modules (KR2).

What is Zintly?

A flexible tool for setting, tracking and reporting OKRs.
Other tools are almost always a feature of a broader HR platform - an afterthought.
We've built a standalone OKR tool that adapts to you - no need to change your whole business.

Quick to implement

Build your Company-wide OKRs in minutes, then invite staff at each level to create the supporting OKRs for their respective functions.

expertise Built-in

We come from a consulting background - We've seen what works and what doesn't. Zintly guides you through the OKR/goal-setting process.

Ongoing Management

Zintly is built to help you both track and manage progress towards your objectives. Teams use our tools during their regular stand-ups.

Why your competitors choose us...

With the uncertainty in the market right now, I needed to get my staff to make our company objectives their sole focus. I also wanted them focused on the right things and to weed out those that weren't pulling their weight. I'm pleased to say I think this will be our best ever.”
Mike Penwright
“We're a purpose driven business, but our staff were struggling to prioritise their various projects. Implementing OKRs allowed them to ask 'how does this task contribute to the organisation's objectives?' and then work only on the projects that move us forward.”
Shelley Franklin
“As a growing construction business, I needed a way to ensure my new hires are working on the right things. Setting goals and using the Zintly accountability tools is the key way we've ensured every single employee is focused on our success.”
rob farquhar

Simple and transparent pricing.

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